Google Apps on Steroids

Extend Google Apps to be your Directory Services with JumpCloud

Struggling to extend your employees' Google Apps user identities to devices, applications, and networks? Google Apps wasn't built to be a directory service. JumpCloud integrates with Google Apps to create a single, secure user account that has access to Google Apps, devices (Mac, Linux, and Windows), applications, and networks. As a cloud forward organization, leverage JumpCloud's cloud-based directory to create and centralize full user control.

eBook Google Apps on Steroids
What you will learn in this guide:
  • How companies are benefitting from hosted solutions such as Google Apps and where they are facing limitations
  • Considerations Google Apps centric organizations face when evaluating directory services
  • Leverage Directory-as-a-Service® (DaaS) to create a more agile, modern IT organization
  • Seamlessly extend user identities in Google Apps to other IT resources throughout your organization
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"We're loving JumpCloud, it completely revolutionized how we handle user management. Provisiong and de-provisioning users to and from resources can be done in a few clicks. Every day we find more use cases for DaaS task execution to support our environoment."
Kyle Moschetto - CrossFit HQ - Sr. Systems, Network, and Cloud Engineer

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