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Learn the most frequent channels of decentralization and the actionable steps to take to regain security and control for each.

New technology developments like DevOps, IaaS, and SaaS allow organizations to do more and make faster decisions with fewer staff and less budget. But, allowing anyone within an organization to deploy the technology they want with virtually no centralized oversight is a recipe for disaster. In this eBook, thought leaders Gene Kim (author and DevOps evangelist), Rajat Bhargava (CEO, JumpCloud), Ben Kepes (Forbes contributor), Alan Shimel (, Editor-in-Chief) discuss actionable steps for how modern IT teams build decentralization into their organization, while maximizing the security that their IT team needs to keep their organization's safe.

What you will learn:
  • Hybrid infrastructures (written by Ben Kepes)
  • DevOps culture (written by Gene Kim)
  • BYOD workplaces (written by Alan Shimel)
  • SaaS apps, remote workers, wifi access points, software applications (written by Tony Bradley and Rajat Bhargava)
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