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The Office in a Box: The JumpCloud + Meraki Blueprint for Cloud-Controlled Networking

Date: On-Demand
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Grab® is a juggernaut in the white-hot ride-hailing app market. Serving critical transportation challenges for nearly 620 million people in Southeast Asia, Grab is scaling quickly as an organization with thousands of employees moving into 55 unique locations and growing. They needed greater efficiency, not human bodies, to help scale and manage this ever-growing infrastructure and ensure its sustainability, reliability, and security.

That task fell to the capable hands of Kevin Lam, Global Network Architect at Grab. To achieve his goals, Lam developed “The Office in the Box” blueprint: a simple playbook utilizing progressive, cloud-based solutions including Cisco Meraki WAPs and switches along with JumpCloud’s Cloud RADIUS Directory services. In this webinar, Kevin will walk through his model of utilizing these solutions to rapidly scale their growing network without the need to add more on premise resources or additional physical labor to install and manage it.

Lam is joined in this webinar by Derrick Phua – Consulting Systems Engineer at Cisco Meraki – who will offer expert insight on Meraki’s cloud-managed solutions, and by JumpCloud’s Chief Product Officer, Greg Keller, who will moderate the webinar along with discussing JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service®.

What You'll Learn:
  • Learn the “Office in a Box” blueprint
  • How to spin up remote offices with little on premise resources or labor
  • Establish unique WiFi credentials using RADIUS and 802.1X-PEAP
  • Receive an overview of Meraki’s and JumpCloud’s cloud-based services
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