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The Security Playbook for Startups

Date: Thursday, January 31st
Time: 1:30pm ET

Startups have to move fast while remaining secure. You know about the top security measures (antivirus, MFA, full disk encryption, RADIUS networking, etc.), but which are truly essential?

To answer this question, we’ve developed a model for thinking about security as a startup. At the core is the identity, the gateway for users accessing resources. We start with measures to solidify identity security, then move through data, apps, endpoints, and networks.

Join OpenView partner Mackey Craven and JumpCloud CSO Greg Keller, to find out how organizations can ensure that they’re scaling on a fundamentally secure foundation.

What You'll Learn:
  • Why you should salt and one-way hash all end user accounts
  • How to enforce full disk encryption across both Mac and Linux systems
  • What resources you need MFA enabled for and how to make it less of a pain
  • Why better network security means no more shared SSIDs and passwords
  • How to keep it simple and scalable
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